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Photo Effects ›› The Beauty From The Outside

Step 1. Making stars on the sky

Create a new document, fill background with color #000000. Go to Filter-> Noise -> Add Noise with options like this:

Amount : 17

Then go to Image -> Adjustments -> Levels set option:

Iput Levels : 99 1.00 175

Step 2. Cut out 2 images below then put them into the background that you've done before. You can use Eraser to make images look smooth

It should now look like this

Step 3. Make bright border for the Earth:

Duplicate layer The Earth then set Screen for the new one.
Continue to do it again, you'll get this:

Step 4. Press Ctrl + click on the Earth layer to get selection, create a new layer under Earth layer then fill #FFFFFF
(Remember to keep selection when you create that new layer)

Move the circle to right a bit. Go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur -> Radius = 95 Pixels

Step 4. Create a new layer then fill it with #000000. Put this one on top. Go to Filter -> Render -> Lens Flare

Change blend mode to screen for it, your result:

Step 5. Create a new layer and press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E then press Shift + Ctrl + U to make it Black & White

Change blend mode to Overlay. Go to Filter -> Blur -> Radial Blur

Step 6. Create a new layer and apply this brush into your work:

Step 7. Adjust the color.

Go to Layer -> new Adjustment layer -> Hue / Saturation

Layer -> new Adjustment layer -> Channel Mixer

Layer -> new Adjustment layer -> Curves

Layer -> new Adjustment layer -> Levels

You'll get this:

Finally, you can add more planets on the top.

Here is my final result:

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dan stewart dstewart_psp@hotmail.com said on 2008-07-05 01:07:43
well what can i say its a good quality photoshop tutorial easy to follow and easy to do and it looks great .... check out my finished moon and other photoshop stuff ive done and leave a comment www.myspace.com/pspz_rule

im into mystery and magical photoshop stuff so if u of any tutorials please email me on dstewart_psp@hotmail.com

thanx and great tutorial
Katie bruiserwoods@myactv.net said on 2008-08-17 15:08:54
WoW this is so amazing looking. I was already openmouthed at your other Photo Effects things with models, but this is just outsatnding. I am for SURE going to make a wallpaper using this.
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Poorly written and confusing tutorial. Had to figure out a lot of things myself. In order to achieve the proper outer glow I had to apply gaussian blur twice. I also had to flip the planet horizontally to get the effect in the picture. Also nowhere was it mentioned how to blend the planet into the background in between steps 3 and 4. Eraser tool was insufficient.
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