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Photo Effects ›› Dreamy Mystical Photo Effect
In this tutorial, we will use these stocks:

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

The first, you open Photo 1, press Ctrl+M to open Curves and do like this:

Now you open Photo 2, use any cutting tool to get the lady out of background

Move the lady to Photo 1 like this:

Press Ctrl+B to open Color Balance of layer Photo 2, set information like this:

After that, you apply Color Balance to Photo 1 with information like the picture above

You will get:

Create a new layer, put new layer under Photo 2 and over Photo 1
Set Foreground and Background ( #74C9DD, #000000)

Go to Filter -> Render -> Cloud

Open Brush tool then pick this brush:

Choose color #8BBCC8 then apply brush to picture like this:

Create a new layer, use soft brush 45px to paint around the lady like this:

Go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur

Continue open Brush tool and pick this brush:

Apply that brush to picture then open Layer Style of brush, set information:

You will get the result:

This step, you merge visible all layers

Duplicate layer, go to Image -> Adjustment -> Brightness/ Contrast

You will have:

Press Ctrl+U to open Hue/Saturation

And this is final result:

These are the brushes needed for this tutorials, click here to download
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