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Photo Effects ›› Beautiful Lighting Effect


1.Use lasso tool to seclet her mouth .
Then press Ctrl +Alt+D and do as picture below:

Go to Image -> adjustment-> variation : choose Midtones and arrange the Fine and coarse lower . You will see 6 box :yellow , red , blue , magenta,green ,cyan. Click in red and yellow
The result:

2.Select all her skin , only skin .You don't need to make it perfectly, regularly is ok
Feather selection: Ctrl +Alt+D : 50

Press Crl +M and do as picture below:

3. Select the background and deselect the balloon:
Feather seclection: (Ctrl+Alt+D): 100

Ctrl +U and do as this picture:

4.Create a new layer: choose Overlay in layerbox
Use this brush: color black and white
You can hide the selection, press Ctrl +H

5.use soft brush , opacity 50% : to make her shirt lighter

use star brush to make her shirt sparkling , and make her pearl necklace more shining

6.Create a new layer , choose soft light in layer box .
Use this brush to paint around the background .Color (# 2FA9B4) opacity 50%

7. Create a new layer : choose any star brush you like to draw the background like the space

Remember , use eraser to delete any star into the balloon

8. Duplicate layer 1 and choose Soft light in layerbox , opactity 50% . The picture is more better.

Click here to download all brushes used for this tutorial
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Mike said on 2007-09-20 23:09:03
I like the original more. She is beautiful in her own right, naturally.
ramer lacida@gmail.com said on 2007-09-21 21:09:16
hey how to make the background like your
s? im new wif photoshop and i need step by step guide like where to click to make like that...
Ricardo rikkiton_123@yahoo.com said on 2008-03-10 04:03:33
I want to learn more about background designs, new techniques of brushing and lightings effect
clipping paht prathetthai@hotmail.com said on 2009-03-07 23:03:18
very very impressive photoshop effects really amazing
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